Technology Boosts Holiday Giving

Online Charitable Donation are Up, and Capital One Giving Site Helps Maximize Gifts

MCLEAN, Va., Dec 05, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Despite ongoing economic challenges, there is some good news for non profits this year: online giving is up 20%, according to the leading charity platform, Network for Good. And with one-third of the annual online charitable donations still to come in December, the holiday giving season is just gearing up. Yet while the digital age makes it easier than ever to make charitable donations, convenience comes at a price. The processing costs associated with online transactions can deduct up to 5% from a donation, and a recent survey conducted by Capital One indicates that 85% of consumers don’t know that charities are getting less than the full amount of their donation. But Capital One gives back by covering these costs through its No Hassle Giving Site ( ) so that 100% of their customer donations get to the charities of choice.

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