DailyMarkets.com Announces Best Credit Cards For Holiday Shopping

-December 6, 2011

Having the right credit card for holiday shopping allows consumers to save money and pay less for their purchases by being rewarded for every dollar they spend. DailyMarkets.com’s guide to the best credit cards for this holiday season will help consumers find the credit cards that will reward them most and help them save more money.

DailyMarkets.com, a financial website based in New York that helps people save smarter and invest smarter, has just launched a new guide to the Best Credit Cards for holiday shopping, so that readers can find the credit cards that will reward them most and help them save more during this holiday.

These credit cards have been carefully selected by DailyMarkets.com staff writers, and they reward US consumers when they make purchases with their card or provide them with discounts when shopping at select retailers during the holiday season. These cards vary in their rewards programs, offering points, miles or cash back for every dollar spent, and most of them even offer a signing bonus when cardholders make their first credit card purchase. DailyMarkets.com selects the best rewards credit cards that reward users for their spending all-year-round for every dollar they spend.
“Getting the best credit card for the holiday season is a must if you want to save money on expenses when making purchases and paying your daily bills,” says Grace Cheng, CEO and founder of DailyMarkets.com. “When making holiday gift purchases or booking tickets for a holiday vacation, having the right card can make or break your holiday and help you end up with more money because of the rewards you earn.”
Many rewards credit cards have upped their rewards programs during this holiday season, some even doubled the rewards they offer and others introduced a spending category for the next three months in which cardholders will earn five rewards points for every dollar spent.
The number of credit cards offering signing bonus incentives has also increased greatly, and now many credit cards reward cardholders with points or miles when they make their first purchase with their card, or when they spend a predetermined amount on their card within the first few months.
“At DailyMarkets.com, we even have a special time-limited credit card promotion offering 50,000 bonus points when you spend a certain amount within the first 3 months, it also gives you 2 points for each dollar you spend on travel and dining,” says Grace Cheng. “These rewards points can be redeemed for all types of credit card rewards, from paying for an airline ticket to purchasing gifts at your favorite store.”
There are many types of rewards credit cards, such as cash back credit cards, rewards credit cards, airline miles credit cards and more, all of which reward people for their daily spending as well as some that give extra perks like no balance transfer fee, no foreign transaction fee, 0% introductory interest rate on purchases and much more.
Besides the guide to the best credit cards for holiday spending, DailyMarkets.com also has guides to the best business credit cards, travel credit cards, balance transfer credit cards and more. In the Best Credit Cards section, readers will also be able to find the star rating of the best credit cards offering the most rewards and lowest fees, as well as to read their reviews and to go straight to the official card issuers’ websites to apply online for the card of their choice.
About DailyMarkets.com
DailyMarkets.com is a New York-based personal finance and investing site founded in 2008 by Grace Cheng who was named as one of the ‘new kids in cyberspace’ by Financial Times in 2007. DailyMarkets.com has an exclusive personal finance section, with a special emphasis on educating US and Canadian consumers about credit cards and helping them find the best credit card for their needs. Find the best credit card in just seconds using DailyMarkets.com’s unique Credit Card Search Wizard, which is designed to help consumers find the perfect credit card based on their spending habits. Consumers can also browse through the huge selection of credit card deals such as balance transfer cards, cash back credit cards, rewards credit cards, business credit cards, travel credit cards, air miles credit cards, student credit cards and more. For more information, visit DailyMarkets.com.

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