Brazil To Become 4th Largest E-Commerce Market In 2015

In the current ranking Brazil is in seventh place but it in four years time it will only be behind China, the United States and Japan.

Brazil is currently the seventh country with the highest potential for internet sales but by 2015 it should jump to fourth place, according to projections made by the T-Index 2015 study, conducted by Translated.

Today, the country appears behind the United States, leading e-commerce sales in the world, followed by China, Japan, Germany, UK and France.

The study indicates, that the tendency will be to see the fall in ranking of countries like the USA, France, UK and Italy. This is because China, Brazil and Russia, countries that are part of the BRIC’s, are still growing with the expansion of internet penetration and the growth of consumption.With this in four years, Brazil will be only behind China, the United States and Japan.

Between 2010 and 2011, e-commerce in Brazil grew by 26%. According to the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce the national sales through e-commerce should close 2011 with R$18.7 billion (US$10.25B) in sales.

In 2011 the United States was first in the ranking of online sales, accounting for 24.4%. In 2015, the study said the country should lose the first position to China, with a total market share of online sales decreasing to 16.8%.

China’s share should rise from 11.5% in 2011 to 18.8% in 2015. Japan will remain third, but have a decrease in participation in the period, from 6.6% to 4.9%. Brazil with 3% share already in 2011 will reach the fourth position in 2015 at 4.3%.

The T 2015 Index Study indicates that companies that locate their sites in the five largest markets will have access to 50% of online sales potential. The work shows the market split by country and its people combined with the per capita income. The T Index provides companies information to select the market in which they wish to operate and data for a successful location.

New power
China currently has 145 million online shoppers trailing only the United States which has 170 million consumers of electronic commerce reveals the study from BCG (Boston Consulting Group).

By 2015 China will become the new power of the e-commerce world attracting over 30 million consumers to shop online.

According to the study, the online behavior of consumers in China is different from other consumer countries. They seek not only products with rebates on a shopping spree, but unique products, quality customer service, convenience and fun.

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