Online E-Commerce In Romania Grew By 24 Percent To Nearly EUR 160mln Last Year

Electronic commerce with online payment posted a 24 percent boost compared to the previous year up to a level of EUR 158.9 million, according to data from Romcard.

“The growth of the industry is a natural phenomenon, as the industry evolves and attracts more buyers and this trend will continue over the next years,” said Cristian Herghelegiu, Country Manager ePayment, PayU Group.

Unlike other years when only certain domains registered spectacular evolution, last year all domains were on growth.

“If until recently we witnessed growth of 20-30-50 percent or even more in established industries such as tourism and telecom, in 2011 other types of products had such evolution, which is a sign that there is a permanent diversification of the purchase basket and that online acquisitions are becoming a habit,” said Marin Mitroi, general manager of Romcard.

The domains that posted the highest growth were flower sales (29.62 percent), toys (23.38 percent), presents (21.26 percent), IT products (32 percents). At the same time, online donations are had a positive evolution, with a nearly 26 percent growth compared to 2010.

Online e-commerce in Romania grew by 24 percent to nearly EUR 160mln last year. (2012, January 11). Retrieved from


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