Merchant Hub And Polo








Today polo is played all over the world and is no longer restricted to the summer season. Arena Polo has made way for the sport to be appreciated all year round and to service the demand of new players entering the sport.

The modern sport today is truly an international sport. The professional circuit can be seen during the summer season in England, the fall season at Palermo in Buenos Aires and the winter season at Palm Beach, America. The number of newcomers and amateur players in the sport continue to increase where low-goal polo makes up the largest community of players. The sport is thriving.

Traditionally a grass sport, Polo is no longer restricted to this surface only. Beach Polo, as with Snow Polo, have provided new surfaces for the sport to be played on and new ways for polo to be enjoyed – both for spectators and players.

Whether you are a polo club, feed distributor, equipment supplier or event coordinator, Merchant Hub will assist your business to effectively streamline all your business transactions and needs, to ensure a prominent future!

“When I am on the polo field, in the zone, my only focus is doing my best and making my team proud. I enthusiastically endorse and use MERCHANT HUB because they share my desire to be the best. MERCHANT HUB strives to make every customer feel like the only customer and provide top customer service support. Additionally, my wholehearted endorsement belongs to MERCHANT HUB because of their support for philanthropic activities and the sport of polo. But MERCHANT HUB also doesn’t stop there; they extend themselves to the farthest point in support of humanitarian and charitable organizations, just like I do on the polo field.”

Your Friend,
Luis Escobar 

One of the top US polo Players


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