Credit Card Machines For Small Business

Which Credit Card Machines are Right For Your Small Business?

When you make credit card machines available to your customers, you open up a whole new world of secure, efficient, and convenient payment that will be highly appealing to them. Though it does involve a small initial purchase price, they offer a tremendous business opportunity that will pay for itself within a very short time.

On average, about half of the money received from customers is brought in through credit card machines for small business.  Therefore, if you do not yet have a terminal, or your old one isn’t working very well anymore, then it could be costing your business a sizeable amount of money.  Moreover, most of today’s credit card machines also accept debit card transactions, which will offer your customers yet another way to pay for the products and services they would like to purchase from you.

The trick to getting the most out of credit card machines for small business is to make sure that you are choosing the right one. Have a look at the 3 top credit card machines to help you to make the choice for your own company.

Traditional Credit Card Machines for Small Business

These credit card machines are the basic, familiar terminals that include a place to swipe the credit or debit card, a small display to read the instructions, and a keypad for entering information such as the price total.  The printer may either be incorporated into the device or it could be a part of a different unit to which the device is connected. Though you may feel that you could get a better deal on a terminal if you use a separate printer, keep the long-term value in mind and remember that it may be notably easier to manage a single device instead of two, and that the added cost may be worth the reduced fuss at the point of sale.

There are different kinds of displays available in credit card machines. The larger the display, the easier the information will be to see, and the more information you will be able to see at one time.  The size of the display is typically measured in rows and columns.  For example, a display that measures 8×20 will have 8 rows of text as wide as 20 columns.  By investing in a unit that has a backlit display, you will make sure that the screen is more visible, even in conditions of lower lighting.  Most new terminals come with backlighting as a standard feature.

Have a look at the keypad of the credit card machines that you are considering.  These vary widely in size and the number of keys.  When there are more keys on the keypad of credit card machines for business, then there will be a greater number of functions that will have been assigned their own key, instead of having dual functions which can increase the chances of errors in their use.

Wireless Credit Card Machines for Small Business

Wireless credit card machines can be very handy for certain types of business.  For example, restaurants, businesses on large lots, seasonal businesses that operate in temporary locations, or mobile businesses such as taxi drivers or food trucks can all benefit from being able to accept credit card and debit payments through a wireless device. These machines are an added luxury with a specific purpose in mind.  If your company has a single point of sale area and the device will not need to leave that spot, then wireless credit card machines will be unnecessary.

The printers are built into wireless credit card machines for business so that everything is included in the single device without the need for a second piece of equipment.  Important features to keep in mind while considering various models includes the weight of the device, its range, shock-resistance, and its battery life.

Virtual Credit Card Machines for Small Business

If your company operates exclusively online or over the telephone, then you may not require an actual device.  Instead, it is possible to speak to your merchant account provider about virtual credit card machines, which involve software for the transaction, instead of an actual device.  All that is required is the credit card number and the software will manage the authorization process for the transaction.

As you think about the type of credit card machines for your business that will be right for your company, don’t forget to consider the nature of your organization and the way in which it processes it sales. This will make it easy for you to choose the right type of terminal (or virtual terminal) from among the top 3 forms of credit card machines for small business.

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