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T-Mobile USA Becomes The First Operator To Offer Square Credit Card Readers

T-Mobile USA has become the first mobile operator to offer Square payment readers to its customers, allowing smartphone owners on its networks to buy the payment accessory direct from its stores from today.

Square’s attachments are already on sale in Apple Stores and other retailers including Best Buy and Target, allowing iPhone, iPad and Android device owners to process credit card transactions on their mobile device.

The device is being aimed at small business owners that want to offer credit card payments to their customers. The company has set up a dedicated page on its website, here.

Square founder and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced via Twitter in December that the service now serves over 1 million merchants who are signed up and ready to process transactions.

As a counterpoint, Dorsey said that there are only 8 million merchants who accept credit cards in the US, giving Square a solid chunk of that market. Taking into account the figures that the Twitter co-founder shared, Square had managed to expand and capture 1/8th of the entire credit card processing market in just 2 short years since its launch.

Square is currently on the lookout for the best talent in software engineering, hardware engineering, creative, communications and public relations, compliance, finance, legal, marketing, and risk. With $168M in funding, the company can definitely afford to hire all of these positions and so created a slick new recruitment video to help it do so.

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Smartphone Credit Cards Arrive

Google Vice President of Commerce Stephanie Tilenius promotes smartphones as the wallet of the future. Picture: Mary Altaffer.

DON’T swipe aside the idea of smartphones as credit cards, writes Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson

We regularly shop on mobile phones, but rarely do we shop with them. That is poised to change as emerging technology transforms smartphones into makeshift credit cards that can be waved at the cash register.

The wallet-challenging additions are already trickling into Australia and more promise to arrive later this year in both phones and laptops.

But even its proponents warn that users may take time to become comfortable with new credit technology, though they insist the hi-tech transactions will be just as safe as traditional payments.

Near Field Communication, better known as NFC, is behind the trend to transform credit card payments. Continue reading

Internet Use And B2C E-Commerce Well Established In South Korea

The latest “South Korea B2C E-Commerce Report 2011” compiled by Hamburg-based market research firm yStats.com features important B2C E-Commerce facts and figures on South Korea. In addition to revenue figures, market shares and customers, the report also covers general online use, the latest trends and major competitors.

In 2010, the number of internet users in South Korea rose to more than 35 million. Growth rates were very low in the last few years, given that almost the whole population between 10 and 40 has already been using the internet for a while.
Credit card payment enjoys wide-spread popularity in South Korean B2C E-Commerce .

South Koreans seem to be very open toward new technologies. As a result, B2C E-Commerce is very well established. Revenue in this area is expected to generate more than USD 20 billion by 2015. Credit card payments are very popular in this segment. More than 70 % of the total online trade volume is processed using this payment method. In addition to general revenue figures, the yStats.com “South Korea B2C E-Commerce Report 2011” also shows the most popular product categories in terms of market volume in 2010. These categories include “Fashion and fashion related products”, “Household appliances” and “Travel arrangements”. Mobile trade is another significant trend in B2C E-Commerce. In 2011, British super market chain Tesco opened a virtual grocery store, where users can purchase products using their smartphones.

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yStats.com has been committed to research up-to-date, objective and demand-based data on markets and competitors for top managers from various industries since 2005. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the firm has a strong international focus and is specialized in secondary market research. In addition to offering reports on markets and competitors, yStats.com also carries out client-specific research. Clients include leading global enterprises from various industries including B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banking and consulting.

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