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Staying Relevant With Mobile, Webshere Commerce

Using an abacus and churning butter add a bit of comic relief to the list of outdated tasks found on the Obsolete Skills website. Other skills, like writing in cursive and flipping over a cassette tape just add insult to injury for anyone pushing the age of 40.

But, give it a few years and who knows what else might find its way onto the list. Using a desktop computer perhaps? Although it might sound farfetched, the use of mobile devices is leading society in that direction.

According to a study conducted by Google and Nielsen in March 2013, an overwhelming 77 percent of mobile searches happen at home or at work – even if a PC is nearby. The research from Google and Nielsen also revealed that 45 percent of those mobile searches are conducted to help make a decision. And overall, 17 percent result in a purchase. Continue reading