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Latin Americans Give Strong Seal of Approval to Social

Much fonder adopters of social media than internet users in the US

Social media has quickly become important to internet users in Latin America, based on research from Ipsos ITOX and Ipsos Global @dvisor.

The July 2013 survey of web users around the world found that nearly four in 10 of those in Brazil, along with 28% in Mexico and 27% in Argentina, rated social media “very important,” or a five on a five-point scale. A further quarter of internet users in Brazil and Mexico, and 19% more in Argentina, rated social media a four. That means a solid majority of web users in Brazil and Mexico, and nearly half in Argentina, consider social media at least somewhat important to them.

That makes these users much more likely than those in the US to place importance on social media—just internet users polled in the US said social media was “very important,” with a further 21% rating it somewhat important. Numbers were similar in most of Europe, though internet users in Russia and Spain were a bit further ahead than other countries studied. The attitudes of web users in Canada almost exactly mirrored those of the US. Latin American web users appear most similar to those in developing economies in Asia-Pacific, including India, where 30% of internet users considered social media very important, Indonesia (27%) and China (25%).

eMarketer estimates that this year, 38.4 million internet users in Mexico will use social networking sites at least monthly, as well 78.3 million internet users in Brazil and 17.8 million in Argentina.

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North American e-retailers take on Latin America

From high tariffs to less-than-reliable delivery services, Latin America provides U.S. web merchants with lots of challenges. But the U.S. e-retailers are making headway. In 2012 the collective web sales of the 39 U.S. web merchants ranked in Internet Retailer’s newly published 2013 Latin America 400 grew 19.7% to $2.25 billion.

That’s despite the travails of the biggest U.S. web merchant ranked in the 2013 Latin America 400—Dell Inc. (No. 5). The computer maker saw its Latin American web sales drop 8% in 2012 to around $570 million amid a global slump in sales of personal computers. The next biggest U.S.-based Latin America 400 merchant, Wal-Mart Latin America (No. 8), grew its 2012 sales in the region 150% to around $383 million. Continue reading